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VSG FOTOS - Creators of Miracles. We are the camera crew of VSG FOTOS Team. A team of unique artistic and creative photographers and videographers based in Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu. We are specilazed in candid photography, traditional photography, wedding photography, reception photography, outdoor photography, pre wedding photography, post wedding photography ,kids photography, event photography, advertisement photography , candid video, and traditional videos. We are having advanced camera of Cannon MARK-IV and Cannon MARK-V. Our photography work tells the who is the best photographers pondicherry.

Through Our Lenses,We produce photographic and video keepsakes to enable our clients to treasure their special moments in the most valuable ways. With a multitude of storyboards deluging our minds as soon as our cameras meet our hands, your live events immediately become short films and music videos using ‘real couples’ as opposed to ‘reel couples’. We pride ourselves on our meticulous post production that is combined with matchless concept creation and creative direction.

“A Wedding Photo is not one that just captures a fleeting moment in time, it is that which acts as a window and lets you travel back to that special moment every time you look at it”.


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